Have you Seen our Alpaca Fur Teddy Bears & Lions?

Posted by Samantha Hamann on Nov 25, 2015 9:00:00 AM
Samantha Hamann

Our customers are going crazy over our new Alpaca fur Teddy Bears & Lions! 
alpaca fur teddies
Have you ever felt Alpaca Fur? 
Just imagine a fur that is incredibly soft to touch! Alpaca fur is warm, not prickly, and doesn't contain lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. It is considered as one of the finest furs in the world because of how soft it is, how lightweight but strong the fur is and the fact that it is hypoallergenic. 
Don't worry though, there is no harm done to the Alpacas! The process is very similar to the process used for wool. Alpaca fur is also flame-resistant and meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's standards! Alpacas are originally from Peru and typically sheared once per year in the spring. 
Come on in to bring home your new adorable and soft Teddy or Lion!