How Are Gourds Made?

Posted by Samantha Hamann on Nov 22, 2015 2:19:26 PM
Samantha Hamann

Have you ever wondered how people carve these beautiful owls onto such small oddly shaped fruit?


We sure have. So what exactly are Gourds? They are actually natural pumpkins.
Gourd Carving is a traditional Peruvian art form. It is approximately 3,500 years old and it was founded on the north coast of Peru. Their main significance is the story they tell. Each gourd has an unique story about the Peruvian history, culture or animals. 
So how do they actually do it? 
The way they carve them is with a hut burin, which they use to mark the pumpkin and to do the shadows. 
It is considered a pure art because neither the tools nor the form has changed much during all these years!